Health Insurance Pros and Cons of Obamacare

Health Insurance Pros and Cons of Obamacare

As of now, every American citizen is required to have health insurance. This law was created by a plan known as "ObamaCare," which was implemented back in 2010. ObamaCare was created in order to help small business offer health insurance to employees, and to ensure that everyone is covered so that they don't have to face large medical bills. There are mixed feelings towards whether or not ObamaCare has had a positive or negative impact. Let's weigh the good and the bad.


For starters, low wage Americans are now eligible for free or low cost health and life insurance. It won't be free for anyone, but even those who have to pay will be given a low health insurance quote. This is done through the individual's state Health Insurance Marketplace.

There has been an increase in private coverage options, such as areas like West Palm Beach health insurance. Health insurance companies must also provide a minimal amount of health insurance coverage, increasing the average amount that Americans are covered by thanks to ObamaCare plans West Palm Beach. Your health insurance quote may have several plan options, but you'll find that the cheapest option will have that minimal limit.

ObamaCare plans West Palm Beach have protections as well. For example, you can't be charged more when you make an honest mistake on your application or end up being sick. You also can't be charged more based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. A West Palm Beach health insurance company can't discriminate and charge more as a result. Your West Palm Beach health insurance also can't hike up your rate at insanely large price differences.

ObamaCare plans West Palm Beach have also made it so that health insurance price inflation is at the lowest it has been in the past 50 years. Life insurance inflation rates are also at an all time low. There are a couple of reasons for this thanks to the ObamaCare plans West Palm Beach. There are now more privatized health insurance businesses, meaning more competition that results in a lower health insurance quote to increase the chance that a customer might choose them as their health insurance provider. Life insurance companies are in the same boat since many health insurance companies also offer life insurance now.

Employers can now be rewarded for offering health and life insurance plans by the Affordable Care Act. Some businesses receive premium reductions of up to 30 percent, offering a strong incentive to give proper benefits to employees.


While there are a lot of benefits from ObamaCare plans West Palm Beach, there have also been some negative effects. For instance, there are now new taxes in place that are meant to pay for the healthcare benefits for the lower class. Some of the taxes that might effect you are the individual mandate and the employer mandate taxes. The individual mandate means that those who can afford West Palm Beach health insurance coverage either have to get an exemption or pay a fee during tax season. This complicates taxes as well.

Shopping for West Palm Beach health insurance is also more confusing now. There are more private companies, meaning more options to choose from. The more options we have, the harder it gets to make a decision. There is also a system in place so that lower health insurance quotes often lead to less quality of care. Middle class families paying for their own insurance are hit the hardest.

Since health insurances companies are required to cover sick people as well, they now have to offer increased an health insurance quote to everyone. Overall, this effects a lot of people who are paying the cost for those that don't have satisfactory health. Those that are in low risk tiers saw their health insurance quote go up in 2014 as a result, which isn't a fair system but is unavoidable.


There are pros and cons to the new health coverage system known as ObamaCare, and this is a system that may be around for quite a long time or could disappear within the next few years. When Obama leaves office it's highly likely that the plan could be erased or changed.

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