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There are many different kinds of insurance plan, but finding the right Florida Short Term Health Insurance Policy can be more difficult to understand and apply for, however; the question is (is short term health insurance the right option)? That depends on several key factors. Below is a list of must haves in order to qualify for a more affordable health insurance plan and still have the quality coverage you're looking for. If you don't plan on having any of these issues over the next year, then a short term health insurance plan may be right for you.

  • No Pre-existing conditions
  • Don't plan on having a child
  • Not taking any monthly medication
  • Does not have diabetes or other long-term illnesses
  • *If you plan on traveling the USA this is a great option for you*
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What is short term health insurance:

Short Term Health Insurance is a PPO backed health insurance plan that provides are larger range of access to good doctors, it also provides the value of a nationwide coverage keeping you in network throughout your travels. Short term health insurance plans offer a co pay based plan and a applied deductible only plan. You have the option of lowering or raising your deductible on your health insurance plan to best suite your current financial situation.

Who Offers These Plans In Florida?

Current Shot term health insurance providers in florida are.

  1. United Health Care
  2. Cigna
  3. HII
  4. Chub Network

Family and Individual Plans:

Short Term Health Insurance plan if approved can be effective in less than 24hrs. The application process is very quick and simple and only consists of about 10 questions. Once your application for short term medical insurance is submitted and approved you are ready to use the network providers. If you are wanting to have a child this year make sure you have a good health insurance plan that covers pregnancy. If your health insurance plan is not ACA compliant, it will NOT cover pregnancy or labor costs. These are important factors that should be clear when picking an insurance plan.


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