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Here at Florida Life Insurance Network, we take pride in working strictly with Life Insurance plans for Florida residents looking for quality Life insurance plans in offered in the state of Florida. We are a Life Insurance and Health insurance broker that works hand and hand with individuals, Florida Residence, and Florida Families. Taking the time needed to ask questions is important when planning what provider to choose. Over the last few years, there have been many changes in the Florida Health Insurance industry leaving most people lost and with many questions. That's what we're here to help with, call us for a detailed plan review at anytime.

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Founded In 2010:

The Florida's Life Insurance Network family has been dedicated since day one to providing only quality Life insurance plans and coverage options that we would use for our family. We strongly recommend taking the time to speak with our Life insurance agents so you can explain what your looking for the reason's your family needs health insurance. Remember not all Florida Life insurance plans are the same, Make sure you have the coverage that best fits your family and your life style.

Florida Health Insurance Plans:

The Florida's Health Insurance Network family works with individuals and their families; as-well as, business owners. That being said it's important to have the plan base that we have here at Florida's Health Insurance Network to find the plan that best fits within your budget yet still providing the quality of care you would expect from an Affordable health insurance plan. Call and ask about our United Health Care PPO health insurance plan we have been writing for Palm Beach County  for over 5 years.

Family and Individual Plans:

Florida's Health Insurance Network is a Palm Beach County Life insurance brokerage that provides multiple carries to help make sure you get the right plan for your area. Not all plans provide the same coverage options if your traveling state to state often make sure we know that so you're on a health insurance plans that has coverage within the 48 states. If you're planning on having a kid this year make sure you have a plan that covers pregnancy. If your health insurance plan is not ACA compliant, it will NOT cover pregnancy or labor costs. These are important factors that should be clear when picking an insurance plan.


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