Florida Health Insurance Rates For 2018

Changes forecast for Florida Health Insurance

Ever since the new government appeared on the scene at Washington D.C, everyone predicted that one of the areas that would see change was in health insurance. It turns out everyone was right and according to the latest press releases Florida health insurance rates for 2018 looks like it will change a lot for some people and a little bit for the rest. For folks who are on the governments, healthcare.gov plans, the average increase for Florida health insurance rates for 2018 is going to be in the neighborhood of 18%. However, for more accurate figures one needs to look at the numbers released by Medicare and Medicaid.

The numbers are as follows.

Florida Health Insurance Rates For 2018• Out of the total of 58 plans provided by eight companies the increases between different types of Florida health Insurance plans is quite dramatic. The lowest rate increase is as low as 2% and the highest increase is 137%. The excuse they have given is that people are getting sicker and costs are climbing

• Examples of some companies increasing rates include Molina and AvMed, at 37-44 and 38-43 percent, respectively. The lower end companies such as Health Options is increasing things to about 6-11%. Health Options is a branch of Florida Blue. Florida Blue, on the other hand, is trying to take things up to 24%. Florida Blue is also the largest health insurer in the state
For those shopping around for a Florida health insurance plan, need to keep their ears to the ground and listen to what’s happening on capitol hill. The President keeps talking about signing bills that would increase insurance rates by making sure that the government stays out of the health insurance game.

For those of you who are looking at a Florida health insurance plan, now is a good time to start shopping around before the politicians start changing their minds on health care. Around the country, things are looking bleaker. In 19 counties around the nation, there will simply not be an Obamacare option. And in many other counties, there will only be a sole supplier of health insurance.

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