Daycare Insurance Requirements

Article provided by: Day Care Insurance Services, Inc.

Daycare Insurance Requirements

Find out about daycare insurance requirements for your in-home or commercial daycare facility when you connect with our team from DCI. If you run a daycare without insurance, you risk being sued and losing everything you own in the course of a lawsuit. Purchasing insurance is the smartest decision you’ll make while managing your daycare- make sure you’re covered with the right policy that protects you from every possible loss.

What is Daycare Insurance?

Running a daycare facility takes a lot of responsibility to look after the children in your care- and in the care of employees. Children can become sick or can be injured in your daycare and the fact is that parents are not always willing to look at the event in the same way that you do. What appears to be an accident that was not the fault of your staff can appear very different to a parent, which is why it is essential that you protect your assets with a policy that covers time spent in your facility, transportation to and from your daycare, field trips, and accusation of child abuse, among other matters.

Is Daycare Insurance Expensive?

Daycare insurance requirements can vary significantly from state to state, so it’s important to look at the minimum requirements of the state you’re working in and then assess your needs based on services provided. When in doubt, our knowledgeable staff is on hand to answer your questions and recommend a policy that will protect you from all imaginable issues. You’ll also find a wealth of information located in our FAQ section that will answer the most commonly asked questions we receive. Daycare insurance does not have to be expensive- speak with us to find a policy that fits within your daycare’s budget.

Quality Daycare Insurance Policies

Don’t make a costly mistake by buying a plan that does not fully cover your facility for events in the near future and the distant future. Avoid Claims Made po9licies that only cover you for a year or two following an incident- you may need protection until the child-in-focus reaches the age of 21. Feel free to reach out to us if you’re confused about coverage or just need professional help understanding insurance terminology. We’re here for you any time you’re looking into coverage, even if you just need some help from an expert.

Multi-Coverage Options

For in-home care facilities and commercial daycare centers, the liability is the same. Protect yourself, your workers, and your assets with a policy that ensures a parent or caregiver cannot personally sue you for liability for injuries or other issues. If you’re not adequately covered, a court will hold you personally responsible for paying for damages- and a lawsuit of that type could be financially devastating.

Learn more about daycare insurance requirements, minimum coverage policies, and available coverage through DCI when you browse our website’s resources or connect with us by phone. Our toll-free number is located at the top of our homepage for your convenience.