Cannabis Facility

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Cannabis Facility

Medical marijuana is presently legal in the District of Columbia, and across 33 states in the U.S. The new legalizations have driven demand, which has resulted in the increase of growers providing weed for medical purposes. While this may be a lucrative opportunity for many cultivators, they still have to operate while adhering to the various regulations surrounding the growth of cannabis. This is one way of guaranteeing success in the venture.

One of the main challenges growers face is weed contamination. This is whereby pathogens such as bacteria and fungi infect their plants, and later on transfer to consumers. There have already been reports of health complications caused by these pathogens, and that is why states have begun introducing laws that each cannabis facility must strictly follow if they hope to have their produce approved for sale.

At Pacific Environmental Technologies, we make it easy for cultivators to meet these standards by providing the best cleanrooms for safer medical cannabis production.

Importance of Cleanroom Technology for Cannabis Cultivators

The main idea behind cleanrooms is the provision of controlled environments for various industries and activities. Cleanroom technology for cannabis growth allows growers to be in control of the air quality, pressure, temperature, and humidity levels. These are all elements that, in one way or another, either contribute to the survival of pathogens or prevent their growth.

Pacific Environmental Technologies has both small and large-sized cleanrooms for the cannabis industry. Our design specifications cover cleanliness class ratings ranging from ISO 3 to ISO 8, which allows planters to achieve the expected standards.

Here are reasons why you should use our cleanroom technology if you’re planning to grow medical cannabis:

  • Our cleanrooms allow for easy expansion and the addition of classification upgrades. This will come in handy if you want more growing area. More importantly, it will enable you to remain compliant with any new regulations without having to get a brand-new cleanroom.
  • We make cleanrooms using non-particulate and non-shedding materials and fabrics. Particles in the air can interfere with air quality and lead to the contamination of crops.
  • Some of our cleanrooms, such as the modular type, are quite portable. This makes it easy to relocate in case you need to move your operation to a different area.

Increased Protection Against Pathogens

Using cleanroom technology for cannabis cultivation allows you to make use of equipment such as high-efficiency particulate arrestor filters that eliminate spores and pathogens in the room. Carbon-activated filters can easily control odors and toxic chemicals that might also act as contaminants. 

Our cleanrooms are designed to decrease the risk of contamination originating from the soil, people, or the plants.

Preparation is Key

Making sure that you remain compliant with the cleanliness and health safety standards when it comes to medical marijuana is mandatory if you want to operate a commercial cannabis cultivation room. Many states are testing for pathogens in medical weed products, and if your product is deemed unsafe, you can suffer great losses. You can avoid this by getting a top cleanroom for your cannabis facility from us. Call us today on 951-582-9306 for a free estimate.

Cannabis Facility
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