Affordable Short Term Health Insurance In Florida

Affordable Short Term Health Insurance In Florida

Short term health insurance plans fill in the gap of health coverage should there be a period of transition. A person who may have been laid off or is in the process of transitioning into another profession may have a need of a short term plan. The short term plan typically covers a person for several months up to a year.

Intended purpose

Consumers often view this type of plan as an affordable short term health insurance option for those temporarily unable to secure coverage through their employer. The plans deliver many of the care features often associated with traditional plans. The plans offer wellness visits, labs, immunizations, mammograms, and pap smear examinations. Some plans even provide emergency care services for emergency room visits and surgeries. Some plans will cover children age 9 and under. Depending on the provider, coverage for pre-existing conditions may not be offered.

What are the gaps in coverage?

There are numerous gaps that can be addressed by the various plans. The plan may fill the gap when people are transitioning from one employer group health plan to another type of employer health plan. The affordability issue may be another draw for this type of plan. People with moderate incomes may be unable to afford the premiums with other health plans, so they pursue more cost-effective options. Many traditional plans are anywhere between two and three times higher than a short term health plans. Medicaid recipients whose income is too high to meet the eligibility requirements for the program but may not otherwise qualify for a subsidy may also request a health insurance quote. This type of plan also provides coverage for those with limited network options such as those in rural areas.

How it works

If the plan has a network, you can use any physician within its network. You may also be able to get to choose any doctor you’d like. If you incur any medical expenses, you will have to submit your bills to the insurance company after paying them out of pocket. You will still be responsible for the bill if the health plan hasn’t agreed to pay for the care provided.

Qualifying event question

One of the most common questions is, "What happens when the coverage for a short term plan lapses?" When a person’s plan elapses, they are unable to apply for insurance on the public exchange for another 90 days. This isn’t considered a qualifying event due to the type of plan this is. Temporary insurance isn’t treated as a health care emergency, so you would have to wait for open enrollment or until the 90 days have lapsed. The other option is to apply for affordable short term health insurance for the new gap. You may be limited to two or three terms with a particular insurance plan.

If Health and Human Services permits short term health insurance plans to be expanded to provide coverage up to an entire year, you will have even more freedom in choosing the type of coverage to fit your lifestyle needs. You will also have the opportunity to avoid gaps in coverage possibly avoiding the 90-day waiting period required when applying through the public exchange. Request a health insurance quote today if you will be temporarily without coverage.

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