About Us - Florida Health Insurance Network.

Florida Health Insurance Network is family owned and operated out of sunny West Palm Beach Florida. We started back in 2010 with the idea of making the buying processes and elimination process of health insurance plans easier for each person and or family. Health insurance ( more now that ever) is a major part of your family budget and concern year after year, unfortunately, it is not an easy process selecting what will be the best policy at the best price.  Depending on your situation there are certain parts of a health insurance agreement that you add in or eliminate depending on what you need or don't need. This can help save you money monthly; however, it can also help those who need additional protection do so!

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Florida Health Insurance
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What We Can Help With:

  • Major Medical Health Insurance
  • Short Term Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Medicare Supplemental
  • Medicare Gap Insurance

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Realtor Health Insurance Plans:

The Florida Health Insurance Network family works with individual real estate agents and their families; as-well-as, real estate brokers. As a Realtor, you are self-employed and more often than not you are NOT provided with an insurance benefits package nor will you receive any compensation for them. That being said it's important to have the plan base that we have here at Florida Health Insurance Network to find the plan that best fits within your budget yet still providing the quality of care you would expect from a health insurance plan. Call and ask about our United Health Care PPO health insurance plan we have been writing for Real Estate Agents for over 5 years.

Family, Individual and Group Plans:

Do you own a Florida Registered business and are looking for a group plan for you and your employees? We can help you put that together. Often times this can have tax benefits for your business. Whether your a business, family or individual Florida Health Insurance Network can help you with your health insurance needs. Setup an appointment with one of our local agents to see what benefits we can unlock for you today!

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