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Rising Health Insurance Costs Affecting Local Companies

The health insurance policies are becoming unstable every new day. This has had a significant effect on the operations of most companies in Florida. While a few companies are yet to feel the impact of the rising policy costs, most have been left unable to provide employer health insurance as before. An interview with some…

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Dental Care for All Children in Florida

In America, the leading chronic disease affecting children is tooth decay. Studies show that 40% of kids in the U.S. have cavities before they start kindergarten. The truth is that oral health issues can also affect the health of a child’s heart, learning abilities and self-esteem. When kids have toothaches, chances are that they will…

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Health Insurance For Children Program Faces Uncertainty

Health Insurance For Children in Florida Faces Uncertainty  Health Insurance For Children concerns have been raised by a Republican senator that the State of Florida might not be able to sustain the current children’s insurance program. The senator expressed fears that if Congress does not release money quickly, it will become difficult to run one…

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