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If you need assistance with Florida Health Insurance Plans give us a call or fill out the form below. Florida Health Insurance Network is here to help Florida Residents get the best health insurance plans for them and their families, at the best rates provided. We have multiple health insurance coverage options ranging from HMO - PPO health insurance plans for the state of Florida. To get help or for more information, call us today or fill out the form below and one of our Licensed Florida Health Insurance Agents will reach out to you shortly.

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    Thank you for all of your time that you spent answering my seemingly stupid questions. You guys really helped me understand very clearly what I was getting.

    Patrick D.

    the way health insurance is going nowadays i am always on high alert for scams. I signed up with a different company several years ago and ended up being rooked for several years with a plan that wasn't health insurance. That being said these guys were able to help to go through my plan in detail and let me know that all I had was an indemnity plan. since then I have been doing business with Florida's health insurance network. 

    Lindsey C.

    Great people to work with. I have been using this company for over 5 years now and have referred so many of my friends to them. Anytime I have a question or need help with billing they are they there to find me a solution.

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    Florida Realtor Plans

    Are you a Florida Licensed Realtor? Our health insurance agents work with many Realtors such as yourself to help walk you through the different plan options that we have for self-employed Real Estate Agents and their family.

    Florida Health Insurance

    If you're a Florida resident your're in luck. Many states last year saw Health Insurance premium increases of over 100%, however, Florida Health Insurance Network clients saved an average of 20% on there current ACA plans.

    Florida Family Health Plans

    When if comes to keeping your family protected with the right health insurance plan, it's important to take the time that you need with our Licensed Florida health insurance agent's to make sure you get the best plan for your monthly budget.

    Health Insurance Offices In Following Cities

    However, We Help The Entire State of Florida

    There are several different types of health insurance plans; however, finding quality care doctors that take your health insurance plan in west palm beach can seem impossible. health insurance West Palm Beach licensed health insurance agents can help you run through a variety of different plans and providers that offer the most comprehensive health insurance plans in Palm Beach County and Surrounding areas. Depending on the situation of you and your family as well as your overall health condition can help determine which health insurance plan is right for you. Below is a list of some areas that may qualify for a more affordable health insurance plan and still have the quality coverage you're looking for. If you don't plan on having any of these issues over the next 365 days, then a short term health insurance plan may be right for you.

    • No Pre-existing conditions
    • Don't plan on having a child
    • Not taking any monthly medication
    • Does not have diabetes or other long-term illnesses
    • *If you plan on traveling the USA this is a great option for you*

    Florida Health Insurance News

    10 Affordable Alternatives to Health Insurance Florida

    It's time for Floridians to be aware of their health insurance Florida options. Finding affordable health insurance options isn't easy. While there are many choices, many of them may not fit your budget. This can make it frustrating to find which health insurance Florida coverage is worth paying for.

    Know that you do have options. Aside from the health insurance Florida marketplace, you can compare the best plans based on your budget. The great thing about these plans and options is that they're flexible.

    The Affordable Care Act

    Since Trump has taken office in January 2017, he has promised to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Congress has not found something to replace the ACA, which means it's still available to Americans. This means that you can get health insurance coverage through the health insurance Florida marketplace, If you don't have insurance, you will be forced to pay a penalty by tax time.

    The only change that Trump has made is to reduce the open enrollment by six weeks. He also decreased the funding for the marketplace, which means there are less advertising and marketing campaigns for the enrollment period. The online health insurance marketplace also has periodic shutdowns during the open enrollment period, making it impossible for you to research plans and purchase them.

    Telemedicine Services

    An alternative to health insurance that's growing in popularity is telemedicine services. These are medical services that are provided over the internet. This allows you to speak with a licensed medical provider via telephone or video calls. The registration process asks you to provide your medical history. Whenever you have a question or have a medical emergency, you'll be connected to a healthcare provider.

    Your provider will make an informed diagnosis and provide treatment. He or she may also write a prescription and require a follow-up appointment. Your provider can also refer you to a primary care physician in your area. The great thing about this service is that they have access to all of your medical records, which can help them make the right decision.

    Since these services are provided over the phone or video call, the cost for care is dramatically reduced. While each company has their own pricing, they provide the same benefit. You can contact your medical provider anytime about any questions or concerns you have. Using a telemedicine service can help you thousands of dollars on annual checkups and medical visits.

    Health Insurance Florida Brokers

    The marketplace isn't the only place to get deals on health insurance. Since browsing the online marketplace is confusing for most people, there are other healthcare options for you to explore. Having someone to do the work for you can make a difference with your healthcare. You can get a reduced rate on health insurance Florida without having to do the work yourself.

    Contrary to popular belief, health insurance Florida brokers don't work directly for private insurance companies. They do the work for you and understand your needs. By knowing what plans are available, they can help you find a plan that works for you and your family. A qualified health insurance Florida broker allows you to determine your wants and needs so you can find a plan that fits your budget.

    Group Insurance Options

    Most people don't realize that they could be qualified for group health insurance. Individuals often get insurance through professional memberships or other industry associations. One most common kind is The Farm Bureau Health Insurance that's not just available to farmers. This type of healthcare is based on the community you reside in. Once you join, you can become eligible for this insurance.

    Health Savings Account (HSA)

    A Health Savings Account is an account that gives you control over your health insurance and funds. You get a tax deduction for contributing costs toward it. Your HSA is often linked to your high-deductible health plan (HDHP), which allows you to pay for qualified medical services with a separate account. Members will get a debit card with a certain amount, which allows you to pay for medical services, prescription medications, and surgical procedures.

    Since the HSA is an individually owned account, you could save 20% to 30% on all of your medical expenses. The great thing about this alternative health insurance Florida plan is that you have complete control of your account. The money you put into your HSA is yours to use. The only rule is that you can only spend it on medical expenses to avoid paying the health insurance Florida penalty at tax time.

    Doctor Consultations

    A private doctor consultation can help you save money on your medical expenses. It doesn't just help you save money on bills, but also on your deductible using your health insurance quote Florida. Using a licensed provider or a healthcare website, you can ask a licensed doctor about your health concerns. You'll be connected to a licensed provider who can answer all of your questions and come up with the best treatment.

    This puts you in control of your health since you can get a second opinion. You'll save time and money on costly medical and surgical procedures. A private doctor consultation can save you a trip to the emergency room or an urgent care unit.

    Health Sharing Ministry

    If you don't want to use government healthcare, then you should consider a health sharing ministry. This is a great alternative to insurance if you can't afford the prices that are available in the healthcare marketplace. When you join a health sharing ministry, you can contribute to a monthly premium to fund your healthcare. You also have access to dental and vision discounts through numerous health sharing ministries.

    Self-Employed Insurance

    If you're a self-employed business owner, you may want to join organizations or unions that provide affordable healthcare. The most common organizations that can help you get affordable health insurance quote Florida include:

    The Freelancers Union
    The National Association of Health Underwriters
    The National Associate for the Self-Employed

    Individual Health Insurance

    There are so many plan types that it can get confusing. Understanding the different types of health insurance plans can help you make the right decision. The most common plan types are EPO, HMO, POS, and PPO.

    EPO stands for Exclusive Provider Network. This is a combination of an HMO and a PPO except that it's more flexible and less expensive. You don't have to get a referral to see a specialist. But you're responsible for out-of-pocket costs if you want to see a primary care physician outside your plan's network.

    An HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization. While it's the most affordable, it's the least flexible out of the health plans. You have to choose a primary care physician from your network. You'll also need a referral to see a specialist. One advantage is that the primary physician network is local.

    Participating Florida Health Insurers

    Six insurance plans are still offering coverage to Florida residents. The participating insurers in the Florida marketplace include:

    BCBS of Florida
    Celtic Insurance Company
    Florida Health Care Plan
    Health First Commercial Plans
    Molina Healthcare

    Do you still need a health insurance quote Florida? Check out Florida's Health Insurance Network. You can get a health insurance quote Florida in just minutes. Most clients saved up to 30% on their current health insurance plan. This website will allow you to look at the best insurance plans that can help you save money. They are always available to help you get a health insurance quote Florida.

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